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Adults - Autumn Leaves - Reusable Barrier Mask
Adults - Autumn Leaves - Reusable Barrier Mask
Adults - Autumn Leaves - Reusable Barrier Mask

Adults - Autumn Leaves - Reusable Barrier Mask


- 100% cotton 
- Triple Layered 
- Adjustable ear straps 
- Inner nose wire to mould around nose to ensure the best fit 
- Machine Washable 
- Reusable 
- Comfortable to wear 
- Improved fit with side gathering
- Non-medical grade barrier mask 
- Designed in Ireland 
- Manufactured in China

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Facemasks cannot be returned due to health and hygiene reasons.

All our facemasks are non-refundable

 How to use:

Ensure you wash your hands before touching the mask. Place loops around your ears and adjust to size. The mask needs to cover your mouth, nose, and come down below your chin. Mould the nose wire over the bridge of your nose to fit snugly over your face. 

Wash your hands before removing your mask and wash the mask at 30 degrees in your washing machine.

When removing the mask, please handle only the ear loops. Do NOT touch the front or the back of the mask.

*Maximum wearing period is up to 4 hours per single use. This barrier mask is not intended to protect the consumer against viral infection. Used in conjunction with relevant public health advice, a barrier mask may help to prevent the spread of viral infection to others. This is not personal protection equipment (PPE) or medical device (MD) under EU law. This mask should only be used in addition to hygiene controls and social distance rules essential to the control of covid-19. Do not use if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergic reactions. Mask is not to be used by children under 3 years of age. Children should be supervised at all times during use. Washable up to 40 times

**the face mask you receive may look a little different than what is pictured, as it may be cut out of a different part of the fabric.